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  • Red Tide

    Red Tide

    Lake Okeechobee is the septic tank of the Florida agriculture industry. All of the fertilizer and byproduct gets washed into it and held, only to be let out later. That “later” always seems to coincide with a red tide bloom. The gulf coast, south of the Caloosahatchee River becomes full of brown water that carries…

  • Resting


    I had to skip a post last week while I was trying to get permission to use this photo. Asking someone that hates every photo of themselves, if it’s ok to post a photo of them on the internet, is not easy. I love everything about this photo and I think my professors would too.…

  • Valley of Fire

    Valley of Fire

    If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, do that. While you are there, make sure you drive out of town a bit to visit Valley of Fire State Park. The bright red rocks poking out of the dull-colored ground is the most spectacular display you will see during your entire trip. On this day, the…

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