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  • Snow On Trees

    Snow On Trees

    Snow has been the most difficult change to accept when I moved out of Florida. It ruins everything. I saw this when I was walking the dogs with the kids. Taking the photo before the dogs and kids walked into the frame and ruined the snow was a huge challenge. January 31, 2021

  • Sky


    What started out as Victoria and I playing around with a camera turned into a full-on light study. This was taken during a vacation to North Carolina. Victoria wanted to see how a camera worked so we set up her toy and talked about light and shadow, background and foreground, golden rules and rule of […]

  • South Carolina State Capital

    South Carolina State Capital

    Work brought me here. I was fortunate to have some time before my flight home to wander around and take pictures. The palmetto is a nice touch. It makes me wonder if there is an orange tree in front of the Florida capital building. In all my years in Florida, I’ve never seen its capital. […]