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  • Valley of Fire

    Valley of Fire

    If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, do that. While you are there, make sure you drive out of town a bit to visit Valley of Fire State Park. The bright red rocks poking out of the dull-colored ground is the most spectacular display you will see during your entire trip. On this day, the…

  • Dunes


    The UAE is one of the strangest places I have ever been. I don’t think I ever saw an Emirati (but I was later told that was by design). Dubai is a city of foreigners (again, by design). I can’t say that I would ever go back. I take issue with some of the ways…

  • Cypress


    Even in the hot, sweltering heat of southern Florida, there is beauty. Now that I’ve lived in Maryland for a few years, I’ve come to appreciate the flatness of the of the marshes. Here is one of the few places I have been where you can see a vanishing point. It was incredibly hot when…

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