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  • Red Tide

    Red Tide

    Lake Okeechobee is the septic tank of the Florida agriculture industry. All of the fertilizer and byproduct gets washed into it and held, only to be let out later. That “later” always seems to coincide with a red tide bloom. The gulf coast, south of the Caloosahatchee River becomes full of brown water that carries…

  • Buildings on the Sea

    Buildings on the Sea

    Puerto Rico has become a very special place for me. I’ve been going many times every year since I met my wife 15 years ago. The ridiculous laws that keep the island dependent need to be changed in order to give the people a chance. Do I support statehood? Sure, if that’s what the people…

  • Sunset


    More Florida. I also miss the quick easy access to water. There is no need to book a hotel and pack for three days. If you wanted to go to the beach, you just drive for 20 minutes and you are there. Boat? There are plenty to rent. This is a very cheesy sunset photo…

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