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  • Trail


    Film cameras! What a game of chance. Will your film make it through TSA? Did you bring enough? Is the proper film currently loaded. Did that picture even come out? I actually don’t remember being worried about anything but the TSA X-ray machine. Back then, I knew how to expose a shot without even thinking…

  • Waterfall


    When cameras started to appear on phones, I didn’t understand why. The camera phones were shit back then and you could carry a decent point and shoot digital in your pocket. Now I get it. Carrying two devices sucks and who really carries a camera around, especially when you need one? This was one of…

  • Valley of Fire

    Valley of Fire

    If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, do that. While you are there, make sure you drive out of town a bit to visit Valley of Fire State Park. The bright red rocks poking out of the dull-colored ground is the most spectacular display you will see during your entire trip. On this day, the…

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