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  • Moorea


    I honestly don’t remember most of my wedding. I wasn’t drunk, I was mentally overloaded. The first dance gave me so much anxiety that there is before the dance and then after in my mind. The after is when it started to be fun. I do remember our honeymoon. Ten beautiful days in French Polynesia. […]

  • The Golden Gate

    The Golden Gate

    Everyone American should visit San Francisco, it has something for everyone. For myself, walking around the city and visiting Angel Island and the costal areas feels like everyone just walked away from the war and didn’t bother to take anything down. This image is when I first realized that I didn’t need to rotate the […]

  • South Carolina State Capital

    South Carolina State Capital

    Work brought me here. I was fortunate to have some time before my flight home to wander around and take pictures. The palmetto is a nice touch. It makes me wonder if there is an orange tree in front of the Florida capital building. In all my years in Florida, I’ve never seen its capital. […]