Category: People

  • Trail


    Film cameras! What a game of chance. Will your film make it through TSA? Did you bring enough? Is the proper film currently loaded. Did that picture even come out? I actually don’t remember being worried about anything but the TSA X-ray machine. Back then, I knew how to expose a shot without even thinking…

  • Diving


    Scuba diving is a lot of fun. At the same time, it can be quite stressful. I used to get very panicky when I thought I didn’t have enough weight or was wearing too much wetsuit. I learned that diving with less is the best way to dive. Before I moved out of Florida, I…

  • Journalism


    When I got into photography, I wanted my career to be in journalism. At the time, embedded photographs were sending back images from Iraq and Afghanistan and I really wanted to tell the story they were telling. Unfortunately, I went to a school focused on studio work and did not get much of a chance…

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