Category: Buildings

  • Buildings on the Sea

    Buildings on the Sea

    Puerto Rico has become a very special place for me. I’ve been going many times every year since I met my wife 15 years ago. The ridiculous laws that keep the island dependent need to be changed in order to give the people a chance. Do I support statehood? Sure, if that’s what the people…

  • Sykesvile


    Sykesvile is a very interesting place. Imagine a town built around the train station, then remove the train. Most of the buildings look like the haven’t moved past the early nineteenth century. It’s quite beautiful. They have very nice art fairs too. Shooting this building reminded me of my large format course I took in…

  • Point of Rocks Train Station

    Point of Rocks Train Station

    Before the pandemic, I would go to work in Bethesda every other day. My commute would take me from Frederick, through Adamstown to Point of Rocks. From there I would grab the MARC Brunswick Line to Rockville, hop on the Metro to Bethesda and walk the half mile up to my office. It’s was about…

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