Eye Study

Eyes, Potomac, Maryland, United States of America

When cameras started to appear on phones, I didn’t understand why. The camera phones were shit back then and you could carry a decent point and shoot digital in your pocket. Now I get it. Carrying two devices sucks and who really carries a camera around, especially when you need one?

I’m glad I had a camera (phone) in my pocket on this day. Like all kids, the girls hate waiting at restaurants and constantly demand to play on our phones. It was dark where we were and on the table were these little electric votives. It gave us just enough light to play with and we did a great eye study. I put the two images together with the instax mini Link app. Pardon the silly instax film frame.

I’ve got a Hipstamatic now. Follow me there if you want to see other photos with silly filters.

December 11, 2021

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (wide camera)
  • 64 mm, ƒ1.6
  • 1/48 s (top), 1/60 s (bottom)
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