Point of Rocks Train Station

Point of Rocks train station. Point of Rocks, Maryland. United States of America

Before the pandemic, I would go to work in Bethesda every other day. My commute would take me from Frederick, through Adamstown to Point of Rocks. From there I would grab the MARC Brunswick Line to Rockville, hop on the Metro to Bethesda and walk the half mile up to my office. It’s was about an hour and a half door to door. If I miss anything pre-pandemic, it would be my commute. It was a great way to unwind and mark the workday as “done”.

I shot this on one foggy morning at the Point of Rocks station. The rays of sun were just coming over the horizon and cutting through the fog. What I really liked about this photo is the commuters crossing the tracks on the left side. They are hunched over; beasts of burden heading off to a day of labor, oblivious (or indifferent) to the beauty around them.

October 23, 2019

  • iPhone 7 Plus (telephoto camera)
  • 57 mm, ƒ2.8
  • 1/60 s
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