Hello friends and greetings from Maryland! A lot has happened since I last checked in, the reason why…I have not checked in. Most notably, we packed up our lives and moved it all up north.

Allied Moving Truck
No, this is not all ours. There were two other houses in there.

“Why would you move toward the snow, don’t most people move away from it?”

Money, plain and simple. Dania found a great job opportunity and we chased it. After being here for a few months, we can confirm that we are not alone in that regard.

There is a whole sad story that led to Dania even bothering to look for a new job in the first place, but the story is not appropriate for this space. Needless to say though, The Run to 21 has essentially ended. I didn’t do a great job writing about the process but I will tell you that my last long run was 14k and it felt great! I was on the right path and I’m looking to restart and try again. However, Maryland has hills. Where my max elevation gain was 8 meters over 14 kilometers before, I’m now seeing 52 meters over 6.

“How are the girls?”

Excellent. They’ve really become attached to this place and there is so much more for them to do. Their parents love it because the average age in our new city is 35 where 65 was the average age in our old city. That means, more parents, other children, and a whole lot more for them (and us) to do.

If you’re curious about how I’m doing, thank you for asking. After 7 interesting years at home, I am working in an office again. My organization is located in Maryland so that means I am finally required to get (appropriately) dressed and commute to work. My commute takes me so far away that for the first time in the girls’ lives, I am not the parent on call. It has been an adjustment for all of us and I’m not sure we’re all the way there yet.

When I found out we were moving and I learned that I would need to take a train into work everyday, I became very excited for what I could now do with this space, given that I finally have the time. So far, this has not panned out. The MARC train is less than inspiring and most mornings, all I want to do is sleep. I usually just continue working on my ride home. As our lives are falling back into a routine, I’m beginning to feel inspired again and hope to be writing regularly very soon. I really need to clean the site up. My About page makes no mention of Victoria and the running posts shine a big spotlight on my failure to run a half marathon.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with some photos of what we have been up to since we moved and hopefully write more about them soon. ✌️