I am not proud of my performance this week.

“I can’t find time to exercise” is the grown-up version of “my dog ate my homework”. I have reasons why I did not work out much this week, but no excuses 😉. Broken cars, more broken cars, and school functions that are an hour away, all take up a lot of time. Even if I wanted to, I wasn’t able to run at night. Once I was finally made it home, it was all kids and bedtimes and school lunches being prepared – exhausting. The age demographic of Southwest Florida makes running at night a gamble with your life. Most of these people don’t see well during the daylight hours. I do not trust any of them to see well at night while they are driving.

On Friday, I was finally able to squeeze in a 5k. It started as a 3.5k but, since I had not run in such a long time, I (to quote Forest Gump) “just felt like running”. On Saturday, I was dismissed from the family for two hours so I could go do my long run.* My training goal was 7.5km at 6’45” /km. That was not to be.

December in South Florida is not like late November on the Eastern Shore. The first 3.75km out was ok, I knew it was hot but I could still plod along at a decent pace. When I made my turn back, everything went south (including me ironically, I had to turn south). My return leg was directly into the midday sun and the path was high on a levee with no shade and no breeze to speak of. At 5km, I hit the wall hard and began to hurt. For the first time since I started this program, I walked. Needless to say, the run ended poorly. Two weeks ago, I did 6km at 6’30” /km. On Saturday, I did 7.5km at 6’56” /km. The cherry on top of this garbage week was when Nike Run Club did not ask me to adjust my training plan. I was not able to exceed my goals.

Shout out to my brother and sister-in-law. For my birthday, they got me a fantastic running belt with some hydration. I used to think that running with water was a joke and only for the weak. As I drained the last drops from my bottle on Saturday, I realized I was wrong.

  • Thank you to my wife, I really appreciated it.