Just like the Florida Gifted Program, Nike Run Club has stacked on the homework because It assumes I can do it. I allowed the app to update my training program and the workouts got longer and harder. I guess I am progressing.

This week, I did some traveling. It is hard to get runs in when you are frantically packing for a trip on top of everything else that happens every day. I rearranged my schedule as best I could, doing a quick 3 km recovery on Monday and a long run on Thursday.

Eastern Shore views

I was glad I waited to run my 6k when I was in Maryland (and did not regret carrying the extra shoes in my suitcase). img_2278The weather was cold and the scenery was fantastic. The kilometers ticked away while I watched flocks of geese fly overhead. It hovered around 32 degrees so it was chilly but I prepared myself and was comfortable. I did the whole thing at a 6’30” /km. I know I was able to sustain that pace because it was cold. I am curious to know what pace I can maintain here in hot south Florida.

I closed out this week doing 9 km at 6’20” /km. Next week I will start doing some gym training.