This week started with a 2 km recovery run. Maybe someday, someone can explain how I am recovering while doing the same activity that tore me up in the first place. The training plan called for a slower pace of 6’55” /km. Maybe that’s the recovery?

Run 2 this week was a 1 km tempo run. I’m not sure I did this correctly. I expected to get cues from Nike Run Club, telling me to speed up and slow down, but they never came. Instead, I ran a max effort 5 minute kilometer (a new personal best).

Run 3 was going to be another 2 km recovery. I felt pretty “recovered” so I did a 25:00 run for distance. I was able to get almost 4 kilometers at a 6’19” pace. It’s only week 2 but that average page over distance has be hopeful. The time should only go down more.

I missed # 4 again this week, life got in the way. Next week I’ll be up north. I’ve always run better in the cold but my plan is telling me to run 6 km on Thanksgiving day. Can I do it? Yes. Do I want to run for 45 minutes sucking down sub-freezing air? No.

NRC notified me on Sunday that in needed to update my plan. I hope it becomes more difficult. I’m no trainer but I feel these 1 and 2 kilometer training runs are not getting me to my goal, maybe they are, who knows?

See you on the farm!