Valentina got sick this month. I know, I know, “babies get sick, so what?” Well, Valentina doesn’t get sick so this is new and uncharted territory. From other parents, I have heard all of the horrors of sick kids: vomit everywhere, diarrhea everywhere, crying everywhere, everything…everywhere. I have grown to fear the first sickness. I fear it so much that even thirteen months later, Valentina’s older brother is still required to wash his filthy teenage hands before he can make any contact with her.

Alas, my efforts have been for naught. Miguel brought home a sinus thing from school and it found its way to Valentina. We expected it and sure enough, her congestion caused her to snore and choke so loud while she was sleeping, she would woke herself up. Strangely, there were no other symptoms, just a really snotty nose. How anti-clemactic.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it just a little. There is something strangely satisfying about slurping up snot and boogers with a bulb syringe. To be even more honest, I think Valentina enjoyed it too (or at least didn’t hate it to the point of tears). Whenever I would pull a giant booger from her nose, she would gimmace and then smile and laugh. How is that experience even enjoyable or funny? I think she enjoyed the sound of the syringe as much as I did. When you hear that thing really grab on to some mass, there is a wonderful sense of accomplisment.

Three days later, it was all over for Valentina and my turn to snore and choke. Until I get to deal with a GI issue, I don’t really feel like I’ve made it to the “show”. Valentina starts preschool in a few weeks and then my world will come apart around me, I’m sure.

Does anyone know where I can get an adult version of a bulb syringe? Seriously, those things are amazing!