Being a Dad is Time Consuming

When I started this thing, my goal was to post at least once a week. I knew that many of the other SAHD blogs posted very very randomly (and for good reason) but I was determined to post regularly. My plan was to write on Monday evening during soccer practice and proof and post on Tuesday.

Fast forward to now.

There is no more soccer practice and with it went my free Monday and Wednesday evenings. Work also got a lot busier so when I do get a few spare moments in the evening, sitting in front of a screen is the last thing that I want to do.

I have been defeated, but not entirely. When it comes to child rearing, I’m a n3wb. I should have expected my life to be consumed and personal endeavors to come to a halt. Since Valentina was born I have not been to a gym, stopped SCUBA diving, and back burnered my flight school plans. I will not lose my writing!

I refuse to post randomly, I might as well not post at all. My new goal is to post once a month. This way, I will have more time to think about what I am doing rather than post anything just to get the words out. The amount of free time that I have in 30 days is probably adds up to the 2 hours I used to get during soccer practice.

I will see you all in September.


2 thoughts on “Being a Dad is Time Consuming

  1. I barely had time to read this post!! I feel you buddy! Listen…. my SCUBA gear is in my parents closet in Palm Harbor. Maybe we can get away for a weekend! That would be awesome.

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