Happy Father’s Day

Today is the great day where everyone thanks you for your service and tries to lighten your baby management workload. You might even get some gifts too.

This morning I was told, “today is your day, what do you want to do?” What do I want to do?  Honestly, I want to do what I did yesterday and the 363 days before that: feed the dogs, feed myself, feed the baby. I’ve spent a year nailing down the perfect system and although I appreciate the help, it would be more stressful to watch someone else do it.

This website is all about making fun of myself and trying to find a little humor in the unknown and sometimes scary. I have and will continue to sarcastically bitch about how much I hate feeding Valentina or how bad the Diaper Genie smells but it’s just that: sarcastic bitching. Being a dad is awesome and I’m glad I have the opportunity to get pooped on, puked on, poked in the eye (or nose), and tend to wounds.

So what do I want to do on Father’s Day? I want to be a father. I don’t need a holiday from that. Maybe I’ll sip on the good stuff later tonight.


Happy Father’s Day


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