Today is the great day where everyone thanks you for your service and tries to lighten your baby management workload. You might even get some gifts too.

This morning I was told, “today is your day, what do you want to do?” What do I want to do?  Honestly, I want to do what I did yesterday and the 363 days before that: feed the dogs, feed myself, feed the baby. I’ve spent a year nailing down the perfect system and although I appreciate the help, it would be more stressful to watch someone else do it.

This website is all about making fun of myself and trying to find a little humor in the unknown and sometimes scary. I have and will continue to sarcastically bitch about how much I hate feeding Valentina or how bad the Diaper Genie smells but it’s just that: sarcastic bitching. Being a dad is awesome and I’m glad I have the opportunity to get pooped on, puked on, poked in the eye (or nose), and tend to wounds.

So what do I want to do on Father’s Day? I want to be a father. I don’t need a holiday from that. Maybe I’ll sip on the good stuff later tonight.


Happy Father’s Day