Daddy’s Little One: The Dad and Baby Bond

Finally, something in a Pampers email that is for dads. This article, by Armin Brott, on is a short, insightful look into the first horowing days of fatherhood. Mr.Brott mentions an epiphany which I did not have, but realized slowly over the first few months:

Within minutes, I had an important epiphany: Since my daughter was just as clueless as I was, she was incredibly forgiving. Over the first few weeks of her life I made dozens of mistakes (none life- or health-threatening, I’m happy to say). But I also discovered a few simple ways of interacting with her that she really seemed to enjoy.

That’s right, even though everything a baby does seems calculated, it really isn’t. Babies have no idea what is going on. Not sure if that is the right way to do something? Don’t worry about it! Make mistakes and learn new things. You did it the best way you knew how and as long as both of you come out ok, that’ll do just fine.