It’s impossible!

It’s been a few years since I wrote my post about finding the perfect bag. Since the Blackhawk Cyclone, I’ve had the 5.11 All-Hazards Prime and the RUSH 24 (again). I regret selling the Cyclone and the RUSH 24 was again, a great bag. However, what they are made out of makes them heavy even before you add weight. Also, the tactical look was something I was ok with at the time but I began to get tired of it being referred to as the “military-style backpack”. Right before Christmas, I had the sudden urge to dump the 5.11 and get something a little lighter, a little less tactical.


The modern ultra-light backpack looks great, works well and is… lighter. I was always impressed by Osprey every time I saw one. The only question was, “do I get a trekking pack or something more suited to hauling gear around town?” I watched almost all of the reviews on SnareMan‘s backpack review YouTube playlist. The Stratos almost got me with the panel-load trekking design. It carries weight well but doesn’t have the organization I am looking for. If I ever start hiking again (something I look forward to with my daughter), I will get this one or bigger in a heartbeat.

The Osprey Nebula
The Osprey Nebula
I decided on the Nebula. SnareMan’s review hit it spot-on. It is one of, if not the best, travel backpack. The pack is lightweight, carries a load well, is organized, and looks like any other backpack – even with the green color I chose. The side pockets really got me though. Due to changing specifications for an everyday bag, I need to be able to grab diapers and wipes quickly. Outside storage lets me do that. I want to get more into what I like about the bag but I just… like it. It’s a great departure from the MOLLE overload and heavy Denier bags of my past. I’ll be hanging on to the one for a while; but, like all bags, it’s not perfect.

I think this is my final piece on bags. I love bags and change them out like my wife does shoes. Through all of this buying, trying and selling, I’ve learned that there is no perfect bag. You will find a bag that works great for you but it will always be missing that one thing that you would love to have. Somewhere, a backpack designer is waking around with his or her perfect bag. They are the only one that a bag is perfect for. The rest of us just need to learn how to settle

My attention has been pulled in a different direction now – DIAPER BAGS. There is some real crap out there and I’m going to tell you which ones to avoid. SPOILER: There is no perfect diaper bag.