I received a question form Tom Raines (@tomraines) on Twitter today asking me about what bags make it past airport security. I may not completely understand the question because carry on bags are only restricted by size. There should be no reason why the TSA will not let you take a certain bag on board (it is the TSA though, so it would not surprise me if they did eventually; rest assured, the decision would be different at every airport you went to)

To summarize, I have seen every one of these reviewed bags get through security without a problem. What happens when you get to your destination is another story.  I never got a chance to fly personally with each of these bags, only the COVRT 18 and the Cyclone.  As I said in the original post, it is very difficult to get the laptop out of the COVRT 18 if there is anything in the sunglass/electronics compartment.  Otherwise, it travels well and there is no problem at the airport.  The Cyclone travels well, is easy to get the computer out and put back in, and like the COVRT 18, there are enough outside pockets to throw in the contents of your pockets before you hit the scanner.

Since I have had my cyclone I have been to Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, New Jersey, all over Florida and Alabama, and numerous school field trips.  I had mentioned previously that the tactical look was something I wanted to avoid but I settled with it to get the Cyclone.  The bag really stands out.  I have added numerous pins and decorations to the outside to tone it down a bit but it still brings a lot of stares and comments.  When I was in Jamaica, I had a local come up to me, give me a hug, and tell me that everything is okay, I’m a solider for peace now.  I have never been in the military and don’t claim to have been.  This bag just looks like I was.  If you want to move through your travels with a low-profile, this bag is not for you; I don’t think the Kitchen Sink would be either.

So Tom, any bag that will fit in the overhead bin will be allowed to fly, regardless of carrier. If you have a problem with TSA over what your bag is made out of, you should put the ACLU to some good use and sue the shit out of them.

On an unrelated note, I have never been in the military and would never dream of stealing the honor of those who have served by falsely claiming that I have.  Call me a military poser if you will but goods that are designed for combat or military use are just better.  Better quality, better durability, and better usefulness.  The Department of Defense has spent billions of dollars to develop an test the best products on the planet.  As a tax payer and an American, I have no problem benefitting from the R&D process that I have happily and proudly contributed to.  By the way, the SOFFE undershirts that the Marine Corps uses are the best t-shirts money can buy.  You should buy some.